What Not To Do With An Adjustable Bed

What Not To Do With An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are bursting with today’s modern technology to add convenience and optimal support. Adjustable beds are not only appealing by offering a base sturdier that most, but also personalized comfort, but also the ability to customize your sleep or lounging position. Adjustable bed frames come with a variety of advantages for both your physical, mental, and sleep-related health. So, if you don’t have an adjustable bed yet, and finding it particularly hard to get the necessary rejuvenation your body needs, it’s time to start your journey to better sleep with an adjustable bed. Exploring the pros and cons of adjustable beds can help you paint a better picture of how an adjustable bed can work to uniquely benefit you.  

Moveable foundations, called adjustable beds, have a significant impact on your overall health and wellness through inclined bed therapy. This helps overall to boost blood flow and add ergonomic support to your back and body by elevating your head or feet. Adjustable beds also help you breathe more easily by sleeping or resting in a more upright position. 

Exploring Adjustable Beds

If you have been looking into getting an adjustable bed frame, but you still have more questions about what to do, or not to do, then look no further than the Bed Tech sleep experts. Fortunately, the mattress industry professionals at Bed Tech realize that there are pros and cons to evaluating any product you are considering purchasing. Especially products like adjustable beds that are used for many hours each day, and have such a heavy influence on comfort, pain relief, and your potential for great sleep quality by reaching necessary deep-sleep levels like Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M.)

With a wealth of adjustable bed benefits that can suit multi-generations of people, using a moveable base has become the convenient, natural way to help yourself alleviate symptoms of many health-related conditions like sciatica pain, acid reflux, and sleep apnea, adding to the unwanted sleep deficit. Adjustable bed frames also enhance the accessibility of getting in or out, and changing positions in bed, for people with mobility issues, or recovering from an injury. 

Bed Tech sleep experts have assessed the possible disadvantages, including what not to do with your adjustable bed. Finally determining the Do’s and Don'ts of adjustable beds. Knowing more comprehensively about adjustable beds and mattresses will be undeniably valuable to the decision-making process, confidence, and satisfaction of your purchase. The sleep experts at Bed Tech will help you paint a picture of what approach to take with an adjustable bed, as well as some of the rules of operation when it comes to owning one. 

Knowing several pros and cons of adjustable beds will help you draw your conclusions about what an adjustable bed can offer, and give you the confidence you need to make an educated decision. After all, an adjustable bed offers an opportune ability for you to help recuperate your physical and mental health through improved sleep quality. With that being said, it is wise to evaluate all aspects before deciding.


  • Use an adjustable base to make switching out the bed sheets much easier. Press the remote to lift the head and feet of your adjustable base to the maximum ‘up-position.’ This raises all four corners of the base and mattress, making it a breeze to tuck or untuck your sheets while making the bed.
  • Add personal style to your adjustable base by attaching a headboard of your choice using Bed Tech adjustable bed headboard brackets.
  • Add extra customization with a headboard and footboard. Most Bed Tech adjustable bed frames are built with zero clearance design, like the BT 6500, to easily accompany a platform, or storage bed with your adjustable base. Bed Tech adjustable bases are compatible with just about any piece of bedroom furniture available- headboards, footboards, panel beds, platform beds, storage panel beds, and more! 
  • Rotate the mattress, from head to foot, on top of your adjustable base about once a month or once every other month for maximum longevity. Quarterly rotations should be performed at the very least.

Note: The adjustable base does not need to be rotated, only the mattress.

  • Lift your head and feet of your BTX5 adjustable base with Zero Gravity Position for maximum comfort. ‘Floating like an astronaut’ allows you to feel weightless and can help reduce aches, pains, and discomfort.


  • Do not move an adjustable base by yourself. A ‘team lift’ of two or more people to strategically lift an adjustable base is the only advisable way to move your bed from one location to another.
  • Don’t put more than 850 pounds total on your adjustable base, including the mattress. Not all adjustable beds are created equally, but most quality adjustable beds have a lifting capacity of up to 850 lbs, like the Bed Tech 2500.
  • Do not ‘scoot’ the adjustable base across the floor or carpet. An adjustable base must be lifted entirely before moving it. Scooting the base can cause unwanted stress to the legs where they attach to the frame. Attempting to scootch your adjustable base across the floor, even just slightly, will likely cause damage to the sturdiness and construction.
  • Don’t leave the adjustable base remote on the mattress while you sleep. An accidental press of a button on your remote left on the bed may be disruptive while the base unexpectedly moves into a different position. Some remotes have a remote lock feature, but if it doesn’t, you won’t want to leave it on the bed or in the sheets with you. Luckily this is an avoidable sleep disruption by simply keeping your remote on the nightstand.
  • Do not let your pets retreat under the bed. It is highly recommended to keep pets, especially those like cats or dogs who may like to chew on things, out from underneath the adjustable bed. Keep them out from under the bed to avoid them gnawing on the electronic cord that connects the adjustable base to your wall outlet.
  • Don’t overuse the massage mode for multiple sessions consecutively with your adjustable base. To avoid overworking the massage motor, use the massage mode in 20-30 minute increments, and give about 5 minutes in between each session. Or, use the Bed Tech 3000 remote to set the massage timer to ensure a relaxing massage to fall asleep without any need to pay attention.

Guideline to Adjustable Bed Operations

bt6500 adjustable bed base

The adjustable beds designed today, like the Bed Tech 6500, are far different than the old hospital-style beds used for senior citizens or people with difficulty being mobile. Adjustable beds have become technologically advanced pieces of bedroom furniture that add overall functionality and personalized comfort, all working towards the goal of achieving better sleep. Complemented by a statement headboard, or headboard and footboard, an adjustable bed can also be as fashionable as it is functional.

Now that you know more about the pros and cons, you can see that the pros officially outweigh the cons when it comes to adjustable beds. Realistically, the guidelines for using an adjustable bed are very minimal, there are very few rules to follow. An adjustable bed can be suited for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and people with or without health issues caused by sleep deprivation

And the significant influence that an adjustable bed can have on your overall health, wellness, and sleep quality should be essentially unforgettable. Especially if you consistently get inadequate sleep, experience chronic pain, or have ongoing breathing or sleep disorders, like Insomnia. An adjustable bed is a simple, holistic, natural way to sleep better and heal the body without extra medications.

Elevate Yourself With a Rewarding Sleep Experience

At Bed Tech you will find the crossroads of innovation, ideal comfort, technology, and first-class service. Offering premium bedding products, alongside a simple customer-first business focus. Always looking out for our customers, we have your back when it comes to mattresses, adjustable beds, sheets, and mattress protectors. Bed Tech is committed to excellence in curating a signature variety of adjustable beds, as well as mattresses to boost your comfort, relaxation, and overall sleep quality. Operating solely as a family-owned company since 2009, Bed Tech continues aspiring to provide the most rewarding sleep experience, at the best value possible.

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