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Wireless remote will not illuminate.

Replace the batteries in the wireless remote.

No features of the power base will activate.

Bed mechanism may be obstructed. Elevate bed and check for obstruction.

Remove obstruction. Head section may be too close to the wall.

Headboard may be too close to the edge of the mattress. Verify that there is enough distance between the headboard brackets and mattress. Adjust if required.

Remote control illuminates and appears to be operable, but will not activate bed.

Verify that the power cord is plugged into a working, grounded electrical outlet. Test the outlet by plugging in another working appliance.

Head or foot section will elevate, but will not return to the horizontal (flat) position.

Program the remote control (see the Setting Programmable Positions and Pairing Remote section of this manual for programming procedures).

Unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds and plug back to reset electronic components.

The surge protection device or the electrical outlet may be defective. Test the outlet by plugging in another working appliance.

Verify that the connector on the wired remote control is securely attached to the control box.

Head & Foot lift function has minor interference during operation.

Check batteries in wireless remote control, replace with two (2) new AAA batteries if necessary.

Make sure that you are following the duty cycle of the motors (do not operate more than two minutes over a 18-minute period, or approximately 10% duty cycle).

Press the lift buttons squarely and accurately.

Wireless remote control may be experiencing common Radio Frequency Interference from other radio transmitting devices. Wait several seconds, and then try pressing appropriate button again, See FCC Compliance Statement on page 1 of the owners manual.

A clicking noise is heard under the bed when raising or lowering.

This is normal. The lift motor relays “click” when they are engaged. No action is required.

Excessive massage motor noise.

If the bed is located on hard surface flooring, place carpet pieces or rubber pieces (not included) under each leg.

Using the wireless remote control, elevate the head, foot or neck section a short distance to realign the lift/lower mechanisms with the bed support platform.

Verify that your BedTech Power Foundation is not positioned against a wall, nightstand, or other object that may cause the vibration or noise.

If the BedTech Power Foundation is installed over a bed frame, verify that the massage motors are not causing the bed frame (or bed frame components) to vibrate.

Verify that the headboard attachment hardware is properly tightened (if used).

Massage motor overheats or stops.

If the vibration motor overheats, the thermal protection will turn the motor off. Wait 30 minutes, turn the massage back on. If it does not come on, turn it off and report the situation to customer service.

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