Meet Our Founders


Fast forward a few years and we’ve now serviced millions of customers across the country helping each of them realize the “best rest” of their lives. In that time, our product offerings have grown to include more than just mattresses.

Brandon Sparks

Established in 2009 by Brandon Sparks in Vancouver, WA, Bed Tech has its roots deeply connected to Brandon's upbringing in the furniture and mattress industry in SE Arizona. From the age of 8, Brandon actively contributed to his family's furniture store, Sparks Furniture, which was originally founded by his grandfather Clyde Sparks in 1946.

Having garnered experience as a sales representative for a furniture company, Brandon conceived the idea of selling memory foam mattresses in a convenient bed-in-a-box format. His vision was to make high-quality, premium memory foam mattresses accessible to everyone.

Dedicating his life savings to the inception of Bed Tech, the company started its journey in humble surroundings – a storage space and Brandon's garage serving as the initial workspace for the brand.

Darren Sparks

I have a passion for hard work, treating customers and employees with honesty and respect! Our biggest asset in our life comes from personal relationships! I learned at a young age, that there is nothing worth pursuing that doesn't elevate the lives around you!

In 2009 the only options for quality memory foam was thousands of dollars.  We founded Bed Tech to make sure everyone can afford a high end memory foam mattress. The idea of bed in a box was not popular at the time and Bed Tech was one of the first companies to produce a bed in a box.  

Past, Present and Future


The first 10…Who would’ve thought back in 2009 a company started in the garage would one day do business worldwide and service customers across the United States! That’s the story of BedTech, a family business that could.

We are proof that the American Dream is still alive and well. Proof that hard work, determination, good will and a little good fortune still go a long way. 

As we look towards the future we’ll never forget our roots because they’ve made us the company we are today; reflected in the way we do business and how we treat our customers with loyalty, fairness, and trust...Here’s to the next 10.