Do doctors recommend adjustable beds?

Do doctors recommend adjustable beds?

In the past, adjustable bed frames were more commonly found in hospital wards or hospice settings. Today, modernized adjustable beds are popular inside the homes of multi-generations of people with and without health issues. Adjustable beds have been popularized with the help of healthcare professionals promoting inclined bed therapy, not just in hospitals but in residential homes too. Adjustable beds, no matter where they are, can help reduce healing time, and add proper postural support and comfort while helping you sleep better too. And, thanks to the superabundance of health perks, adjustable beds have gained rapid popularity for providing renewed comfort, and refined sleep quality from customized technology inside the bedroom.

What Does An Adjustable Bed Do?

An adjustable bed frame, also known as an adjustable bed, allows you to place almost any mattress on top. There is no need for anything additional, like a box spring, frame, or any other foundation. Like all Bed Tech mattresses, they should be adjustable base-friendly, or built to be compatible with an adjustable bed frame. Most hybrid and memory foam mattresses, like Bed Tech CooperLuxe, are flexible to withstand the maneuverability of the base without damaging the mattress itself.

An adjustable bed frame not only serves as the structural foundation for your mattress but it can also lift, or lower, your head and feet at any time to easily customize your sleeping surface to a comfortable position for you. 

Advanced technology found in Bed Tech adjustable bed frames will add versatility to provide support to the overall curvature of the body by lifting the lowering the base, mattress, and you. By elevating the head and feet to provide proper posture and weight distribution, a moveable base is a convenient and dependable way to address your underlying health conditions. An adjustable bed frame also helps to boost comfort during almost any activity, like working remotely from bed, reading, or watching TV. A moveable base, also known as an adjustable bed helps you sleep, work, or lounge in a more ergonomic position for the body.

Comparing Adjustable Bed Frames Versus Hospital Beds

Today, the major difference separating a hospital bed from an adjustable bed is the infusion of technology and modern sophistication. Let's be real, hospital beds are sterile and uninspiring to look at, especially inside your bedroom. However, if you're in the market for a moveable foundation, or adjustable bed, for someone with mobility issues there are a couple of accessibility-related essentials to a hospital bed that should not be overlooked.

 A hospital bed provides similar maneuverability to an adjustable bed frame but also comes with high-low functionality. With a touch of a button, a hospital bed adjusts the height of the bed by raising or lowering the framework itself. 

A long story short, a hospital bed can raise the head and feet for added comfort, as well as change the overall height of the bed without reinstallation of new legs. Adjustable bed frames, however, can change the overall height of the base, but additional installation and setup will be required to accommodate a higher or lower height by switching out the legs. The hospital beds accommodation of high-low functionality is essential for people of short or tall stature, who may also have serious mobility issues and need help getting in or out of bed all the time. Otherwise, most of the time, a Bed Tech adjustable bed is a pleasant accompaniment to just about any lifestyle.

How Does An Adjustable Bed Affect How We Sleep?

Sleep can be highly impacted by an adjustable bed, boosting the holistic healing process by preserving comfort, and alleviating aches and pains more naturally without medications. 

Natural healing and improved sleep quality are just a couple of reasons why adjustable bed frames have become so influential in today's society. Popularity has sparked not only from the trendy technology but also because advanced adjustable beds can help you alleviate symptoms of many health-related conditions. Doctors and health care professionals recommend adjustable beds, not only because they can help you relieve specific discomforts, but they can simply help you sleep better too.

As we know now your adjustable base serves as your total mattress foundation, and a structurally sound one, at that. But the latest, adjustable beds, like the Bed Tech BT6500, offer a multifaceted version of a mattress foundation, and paired with a Bed Tech mattress, completes a uplifting sleep system experience to revitalize the mind and body. Adjustable bed frames of today are loaded with features, like massage vibrations, lumbar support, and pillow tilt that can help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer by maintaining an ergonomic position. 

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds supply a variety of recreational benefits meant for the younger crowd, kids and teens included. But, adjustable beds will benefit mostly those with medical conditions to manage. Adjustable beds are recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals alike for their history of providing inclined bed therapy to manage their patients' comfort and sleep-related health issues.

Sleep-Related Advantages of Adjustable Beds:

  • Muscle relaxation, increased circulation with articulation of the base
  • Alleviates inflammation through proper positioning of the base
  • Opens airways to a position for unobstructed breathing 
  • Ergonomic settings provide ideal posture and support for the curvature of the back and body

How Does an Adjustable Base Help Alleviate Specific Medical Conditions?

If you’re still wondering, is an adjustable bed frame going to help me? Maybe you want to know more thoroughly about how a moveable base impacts your ability to heal, relieve pain, and improve sleep quality. The truth is, an adjustable base is a perfect complement to your lifestyle, or should we say sleep style and moveable bases can help you manage stress, pain, or discomfort caused by so many health issues. 

Sleep-related health issues will have a tremendous impact on our day-to-day lives while we are asleep, but mostly while we're awake. Medical issues often have recurring symptoms that steal any chance to feel physically and mentally refreshed after sleeping. Broken sleep patterns, caused by medical conditions like Sleep Apnea or Insomnia, contribute to ‘sleep debt’. Disrupted sleep over the long term will have an immense effect on cognitive function, including mood and memory, as well as the physical healing process to retire aches, pains, stress, or other discomforts while we sleep.

Poor sleep contributes to ‘sleep debt’ which puts you at risk for:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Obesity 

The following health conditions are directly related to our well-being and ability to sleep, and can also be positively impacted by utilizing the convenient abilities of an adjustable bed:

Sleep Apnea

Characterized as the inability to breathe sufficiently during short periods while asleep, sleep apnea certainly affects your sleep patterns. If you're figuring out that it's obvious that you have trouble sleeping, but find yourself ignoring the symptoms, like snoring or waking up frequently, you may have sleep apnea. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, that will eventually catch up, health-wise. Not only does sleep apnea ruin our whole health if not addressed properly, but it can make it nearly impossible to reach REM sleep that restores our mind, and deep sleep that revives the body. 

Sleep apnea is by far one of the most prevalent health conditions existing today, with a staggering 24 million undiagnosed cases in the US. The disturbing part is that there are so many people out there with Sleep Apnea and doing nothing about it. This health condition directly affects your sleep patterns whether you're diagnosed, or not. So, it's best not to overlook the potential signs of sleep apnea to avoid further potentially lifelong complications like heart disease or high blood pressure. 

If you don’t necessarily trust everything you read on the internet (we don’t blame you) then take it from medical experts, like Alejandro D. Chediak. A medical doctor teaching Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, as well as an AMA delegate for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine states:

“Daytime tiredness is blamed on aging and changes in lifestyle, rather than a disorder of sleep until you are having many episodes of sleep apnea per hour and you’re tired all the time, or you’re falling asleep driving,” he said. “That’s when it becomes critically apparent that you need help.”

And if you find yourself hesitant to use medications, or costly medical devices to help you sleep better, look no further than a Bed Tech adjustable base. Bed Techs advanced technologies built into adjustable beds can make it quite easy to elevate the head of your bed with a sleep system to help keep our snoring or sleep apnea symptoms at bay.

Acid Reflux

Described as the act of stomach acid reaching backward toward the esophagus. Acid reflux inflicts an acidic taste in the mouth and a burning sensation near the chest or heart. Hence why acid reflux, or reflux, is also known as heartburn. 

When a person has acid reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER), there is an issue with the lower esophagus muscle, called the esophageal sphincter. This muscle functions normally by opening and closing at the right times, like when you eat to allow food and beverages into the stomach. The malfunction causes the muscle to either not close all the way or open more often than it should. Unwanted stomach acid can regurgitate back into the esophagus, which causes a burning feeling, trouble swallowing, and sometimes even chest pain.

An adjustable bed frame is a great way to improve your lifestyle for anyone with acid reflux, or other gastroesophageal conditions by giving you the ease to elevate yourself (and your mattress) into a comfortable upright position with the touch of a button.

Resting vertically, rather than lying flat, can help alleviate reflux. When resting after eating, an adjustable bed helps you conveniently avoid laying flat after enjoying rich foods or a large meal, which we all know by now are some of the big triggers of acid reflux and heartburn.


Back pain often stems from an injury but can also be caused by bad posture. Improper posture inflicts an imbalance of pressure, making the weight distribution uneven between the discs found in your back and neck. In the case of sciatica pain, it generally starts near the lower back or hip, radiating through the legs, and is caused by unwanted pressure on a nerve. 

A severely pinched nerve can cause debilitating back pain and decreased mobility. No doubt, with sciatica pain, you will have issues sleeping comfortably. Healthcare professionals often reference raising your legs to help relieve sciatic nerve pain, making a Bed Tech adjustable base a modern accompaniment to your bedroom furniture that can also help you relieve pain. The Bed Tech 3000 adjustable base can personalize your comfort any day or night while helping decrease pressure on the aggravated nerve.

To sum it up, there are specific medical conditions, like sleep apnea, acid reflux, and sciatica that an adjustable bed can directly impact how you can help yourself ease certain symptoms. But, that only scratches the surface when discovering the advantages of adjustable beds. Additionally, the following adjustable bed benefits from raising your head or feet are valuable perks to innovative adjustable bed bases.

Raising the Head of your Adjustable Base can help alleviate symptoms of:

  • Sleep Apnea 
  • Acid Reflux/GERD
  • Allergies
  • Asthma

Raising the Feet of your Adjustable Base can help alleviate symptoms of:

  • Arthritis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Joint Dysfunction
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated/Bulged Discs
  • Edema

Balance ‘Sleep Debt’ With An Adjustable Bed

If you’re one of the millions of people in sleep debt, look no further than the expert sleep system, with a Bed Tech adjustable bed frame to help you improve your sleep quality and alleviate your symptoms. With Bed Tech’s modern and aesthetically pleasing design, you’ll get to take advantage of adjustable beds inclined therapy, but never feel like you're in the hospital. And, with some most reliable and high-performing adjustable beds on the market, there are very little downsides to an adjustable base.

Bed Tech thrives on providing versatile ways to sleep comfortably with all-purpose bedding options to fit every budget and lifestyle. After all, the core experience at Bed Tech surrounds providing the most rewarding, luxury sleep experience possible for you and your loved ones. So, don’t hesitate to jumpstart your wellness journey, and come check out Bed Tech adjustable beds and Bed Tech mattresses today!

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