Can I use my headboard with an adjustable bed?

Can I use my headboard with an adjustable bed?

In the past, an adjustable bed often took the place of your total foundation for your mattress but offered little accommodations for interior design or fashionable home furnishings to complement it. Today, an adjustable bed, also known as an adjustable bed frame, is a conveniently versatile way to add multifaceted functionality to your mattress. This type of moveable base, also called an adjustable base, helps upgrade the user experience with more comfortable positions to sleep or lounge in without compromising home decor. You can still decorate with bedroom furniture and create trendy, contemporary interior design styles. 

By articulating into many different positions with the touch of a button, an adjustable bed adds simple customization to your overall comfort, especially if you experience symptoms of sleep disorders, chronic pain, heartburn, allergies, asthma, or other breathing difficulties. The good news is, that you can still use your headboard and footboard in most instances with an adjustable bed base upgrade. An adjustable bed gives you the ability to elevate your head, feet, or both, all with the touch of a button. Massage vibrations and app capability are just a couple of the additional perks that come with a signature Bed Tech adjustable bed

Like most industries, advertising in the mattress and furniture business is superabundant. Making well known a product's specialized functions and benefits. With that said it’s reasonable to say that most have heard of an adjustable bed frame, and know somewhat about how they function, or what they can offer. And maybe, you’ve known about them for a while, and you’ve really wanted to get one! Surely you’ve thought it would help you watch TV more comfortably, sit in bed to read, or relax and kick your feet up, literally. Having an adjustable bed sounds good, right? 

But, with so many options available today, many people struggle with the unknowns surrounding the installation configuration and how the setup will work with a headboard and footboard. Because most aren't familiar with furniture and mattress setup, this often ends up the demise of your needed and well-deserved furniture or adjustable bed upgrade. 

But the Sleep Experts at Bed Tech are here to assure you that the fundamentals of the installation, like whether the adjustable bed will work with the furniture that you want to keep, are essentially what is going to ease your decision-making process. Bed Tech experts have examined and explored all the benefits and aspects of adjustable beds so that you can confidently purchase and fully enjoy your adjustable bed frame with a headboard and footboard.

Adjustable beds offer plenty of advantages to your sleep quality and overall health, and you can be reassured that the process to coordinate your furniture with an adjustable bed isn’t as intimidating as you imagine.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

  • Boost circulation
  • Alleviate inflammation
  • Helps open the airway for better breathing
  • Reduces symptoms of Sleep Apnea, snoring, obstructed breathing
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms like congestion or nasal drip syndrome
  • Helps reduce acid reflux symptoms
  • Can help alleviate arthritis, spinal stenosis discomfort, or pain
  • Can help reduce sciatica pressure and pain

How Can Your Bedroom Furniture Be Compatible With an Adjustable Bed?

adjustable bed furniture

The adjustable bed can take the place of your existing box foundation as a source of rigid, structural support for you and your mattress. This is an intriguing way to set up your bed to fulfill a sophisticated, minimalist, yet contemporary decor that many strive for today. Your bedroom furniture can influence the ‘Feng Shui’ of your interior space. So instead of an old-school style box spring with a metal frame, introduce a modern adjustable bed frame to your bedroom instead. 

The adjustable bed frame, like the Bed Tech 2500, will work with a headboard, or headboard and footboard. Setting up your mattress like this is a substantial, sturdy, and trendy way to replace the older style box foundation. At the same time creates a simple but upgraded setup for you and your mattress. If you happen to have a platform bed with or without a headboard, the setup will require a specific type of adjustable bed, called a zero-clearance adjustable.

The versatility of an adjustable bed with zero clearance can utilize the installation of steel legs to allow it to stand-alone, or also be set inside a traditional panel bed frame with a headboard, after removing the slats. 

Zero clearance adjustable beds can not only stand alone but also can be set on top of a storage bed with drawers using the latest zero clearance setup format. Particular home furnishings like these are typically not familiar to most. Making these products, like adjustable beds and furniture, seemingly complicated to piece together. But not to worry, with much research and development at Bed Tech, it is easy to say that the modernized storage bed with headboard will accommodate a zero-clearance adjustable bed too. 

What Additional Parts May Be Needed to Accompany My Headboard and Footboard With My Adjustable Bed?

Bed Tech champions the best, premium quality adjustable beds, reassuring you that unattractive hospital-style adjustable beds are now a thing of the past. A new generation of sophisticated bedroom technology has emerged to provide personalized comfort and support with an appealing design, like the Bed Tech 6500 adjustable base. Innovative adjustable beds like these can also easily attach, with the appropriate brackets, to just about any bolt-on style headboard. 

Hook-on style furniture will be more difficult to accommodate, as they require a hook-on style railing that typically comes along with it. Hook-on rails are a whole different story, so if you have those you will need to use matching hook-on rails to complete the setup with the footboard. Or ditch the footboard altogether and utilize the headboard only by mounting it to the wall, also known as a floating headboard.

The bottom line is, additional brackets or accessories are needed to mount or stabilize a headboard only by itself. But the bright side is that additional parts are generally not needed for the installation of your headboard and footboard with a new adjustable bed frame.

Ease Your Adjustable Bed Hesitations 

Many people have held off on the idea of getting an adjustable bed because they’re still wondering “Can I use my headboard and footboard frame with an adjustable bed?” The experts at Bed Tech are here to ensure that the process to upgrade your bed to an adjustable base, and still keep your furniture, will require little to no additional parts or adjustments. If you have a headboard only for decoration, you may need additional brackets to attach the headboard to the adjustable bed frame, keeping it stable without leaning away from the wall. A floating headboard, also known as a wall-mounted headboard is another option, but requires attaching it to the wall studs instead of the adjustable base.

Pro Tip: Bed Tech adjustable beds have optional leg heights and risers available to cohesively coordinate the height of your adjustable bed frame with your headboard and footboard. It is wise to double-check the correct number of risers or legs needed for the size of your adjustable base.

The truth is that with modern adjustable beds, like the Bed Tech 2000, extra parts or adjustments are minimal, and the short answer is yes, your headboard and footboard will work. But, most importantly before making any decisions, consider that your current bed frame design will go hand in hand with the correct adjustable base necessary for a cohesive setup.


Evaluate Your Current Bed Frame

adjustable bed frame headboard

The first step to help you determine if you can use your current headboard and footboard with an adjustable bed is to take note of the configuration of your existing bed frame. Consider these specifics about your current bed frame to see how this can influence the new adjustable bed setup:

  • Does my current bed frame use a boxspring foundation? 
    • If yes, the boxspring is no longer needed with the adjustable base

  • Does my current bed frame have (removable) slats?
    • This will help you decide to remove the slats or keep them installed to utilize zero clearance setup

  • Are the slats resting on or attached to the side rail system? 
    • This will help you forecast how easily the slats can be removed if needed. If removed, a standard adjustable base can be placed inside.

  • Does my current bed have any storage drawers or slats that cannot be removed?

  • If you have storage drawers or slats that cannot be removed, you will need a zero-clearance adjustable base.

  • What is the total height (from floor to top of mattress) of my current bed?
    • This can help you figure out whether you would like to alter the total height of your mattress with different leg heights. 

Attention to these bullet point details will help keep you ahead in determining the correct style of adjustable bed (zero-clearance or standard) you will need to accompany your specific type of bed frame. If you have removable slats, chances are you have a traditional panel bed complemented with a headboard only or headboard with a footboard. In this scenario, slats can typically be removed, and will not require zero clearance setup. An adjustable base can then be placed inside the current framework with its legs installed. Many bedding expert opinions claim that this is the best way to set up an adjustable bed frame with a headboard and footboard providing the least total weight and wear and tear on your decorative furniture.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Bed Tech sleep experts recommend taking a few measurements of the surface or interior dimensions of your bed frame to ensure the proper fit for the adjustable bed. Though measuring is a somewhat nominal step, it is still not a bad idea. Ultimately, as long as the size of the furniture and the adjustable bed are the same, they should work together. 

Measure the dimensions inside the headboard, footboard, and rail system to confirm the adjustable bed can fit inside while standing on its legs, or on top if you're using a platform or storage bed. You will also want to ensure that the size of the adjustable bed is the same (Queen, King, etc.) as the existing platform or frame with a headboard and footboard. As stated above, if they are the same size, they should work together.

Pro Tip- A ‘Split King’ is the same as (2) Twin XL mattress and adjustable beds together side by side, creating the split king size. 

Taking the time to measure and evaluate the details above helps you purchase a cohesive setup. Knowing whether you will need a zero-clearance adjustable bed frame will give you all the confidence to make your decision with certainty. If your current bed frame has removable slats with no drawers it will cooperate with a standard adjustable bed frame after removing the cross beams. Otherwise, with drawers or non removable cross beams, a zero clearance adjustable base is the perfect addition to set up on top of storage or platform beds with a headboard.

The Difference Between Zero-Clearance and Standard Adjustable Beds

Simply put, a zero clearance adjustable bed is designed to be versatile to accommodate any type of bedroom furniture or bed frame. Standard adjustable bed frames require space underneath, and the legs are required. Zero-clearance adjustable bases, however, can be set up in two different ways:


  • Inside a headboard, footboard, and rails with the legs installed
  • On top of a platform bed or storage bed without the legs installed. 

A zero-clearance adjustable bed frame is designed to co-operate with or without legs, requires no clearance underneath, and is the easiest and most versatile adjustable frame to accompany any piece of bedroom furniture.

Bed Tech Adjustable Beds Elevate Comfort Without Compromising Style

Some people form sentimental attachments to their bed frame or bedroom furniture set, especially an antique bed or family aireloom frame passed down through many generations. This oftentimes fuels the need to postpone the adjustable bed purchase to avoid changing the furniture, decor, or interior design. But, what most don’t understand yet is, if set up correctly, the headboard, footboard, and the adjustable bed can work together without hassles or many modifications. Because of Bed Techs intelligent adjustable bed design, in most instances, adjustable beds can accompany just about any type of furniture including headboards, footboards, storage drawers, and even canopy or sleigh beds. 

Innovative Bed Tech adjustable beds are designed to complement many different styles of bedroom furniture, and with effortless installation, the adjustable bed is simply more convenient than most people imagine.

Since 2009, Bed Tech sleep specialists have continued to improve our expertise in bedding and mattresses to offer a rewarding and luxurious sleep experience at the best value possible. Bed Tech sleep experts are happy to stay up to date on all aspects of adjustable bed and furniture functionality to ensure overall ease of use and customer satisfaction with all of our adjustable bed frames. 

We’re pretty certain that most people aren't bedding professionals who know a lot about mattresses, adjustable beds, and furniture compatibility. But now, you’re well on your way to a fashionably comfortable sleep experience with this supply of new information about your furniture. There's no need to sacrifice your personal style. Incorporate a chic, cool or elegant and sophisticated interior design with a Bed Tech adjustable bed frame. Nationwide sleep experts at Bed Tech have your back when it comes to figuring out the best adjustable bed frame, or sleep system, to go with furniture like storage beds with drawers, or platform beds with a headboard and footboard. 

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