Can a Regular Mattress Be Used on an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Can a Regular Mattress Be Used on an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Many people today are considering upgrading their traditional furniture style base to a more sophisticated mattress foundation, called an adjustable bed frame, or adjustable base. An adjustable base is a high-functioning, technologically advanced piece of bedroom furniture. To start, if you are in the market for a new mattress or furniture, the chances are you have seen or heard of an adjustable bed frame. 

Now, you may be wondering if you can use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed frame. The short answer is yes, but before making your purchase, certain mattress basics should be examined first. Most mattresses today, like all Bed Tech Mattresses, can be used on an adjustable bed frame, but there are specific characteristics to consider to ensure they are flexible without being damaged by the maneuverability of an adjustable base. 

What is an Adjustable Bed Frame? 

adjustable bed frame

An adjustable bed frame, also known as an adjustable base or power foundation, is becoming a commonly found piece of furniture inside bedrooms of all generations. The old-style hospital beds for seniors or people with mobility issues are a product of the past. Adjustable bed frames of today, like the Bed Tech 3000, are multi-functional and universal for those with or without the need to manage medical issues.

An adjustable bed frame replaces your box spring and mattress, serving as your total mattress foundation. By now most people realize that an adjustable base can enhance your overall daily comfort and adds customization to your mattress. They also can help the symptoms of many health disorders by helping to boost circulation, open the airways to better breathing, and promote proper support to the natural curvature of the back and body.

Elevating the head and feet of an adjustable bed frame assists you to ‘form-fit’ your mattress to your upper and lower body while decreasing pressure points. Muscle relaxation is the key to de-stressing before bedtime, and the versatility of an adjustable base strengthens your ability to release aches and pains, improve sleep quality, and feel comfortable overall.

If you have trouble sleeping or experience chronic pain, an adjustable bed is one of the best ways to address underlying medical issues that you may need help managing. 

The Bed Tech 3000 adjustable bed, with App Capability via Bluetooth, is also ideal for those without any health issues who wish to gain functionality, and the ability to conveniently customize your mattress comfort at any time of day or night. But, with the abundance of advertising surrounding adjustable bed benefits, many shoppers in the market for an adjustable bed frame will contemplate the important features or ‘bells and whistles’ and still ask themselves, are they worth it?

What does an Adjustable Bed Frame Do?

An adjustable bed frame serves as the foundation for your mattress. Except, unlike most foundations that are flat and rigid, an adjustable base can bend, lift, and lower, to maneuver your mattress (and you) into more ergonomically comfortable positions. Use an upgraded adjustable bed base, like the Bed Tech BTX5, for sleeping, reading, watching TV, or lounging before bed. An adjustable base comes with a remote control (sometimes two for split sizes) that can power the base to elevate your head and feet into a position more satisfactory to the activity and your individual body height, weight, and shape.

Adjustable beds can not only elevate you and your mattress to a better fitting, ergonomic position for the body but newly added adjustable features certainly help to elevate the user experience. Certain models, like the Bed Tech 6500, are equipped with relaxing massage vibration modes, and Bluetooth app capability, Zero-G positioning, and pillow-tilt functionality. Today, adjustable beds are advanced with features focused on health-related aspects as well as recreational benefits.  Plenty of adjustable base benefits, as well as the importance surrounding sleep health, have sparked mass popularity amongst people of all shapes, sizes, and age groups.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

  • Enhances personalized daily comfort and reduces pressure points
  • Promotes support to the natural curvature of the spine
  • Alleviate symptoms of health or sleep-related issues like sleep apnea
  • Can help improve sleep quality 

Characteristics to Consider About a Mattress for an Adjustable Base

With each mattress-related adjustable base ad you see, you keep asking yourself, are they really worth it? An adjustable base paired with a quality Bed Tech mattress is almost always going to be worth the investment, but you will want to consider certain aspects of the purchase. Be aware that some features, like the mattress thickness, will impact the compatibility with the base overall, as well as the longevity of the mattress itself. Consider the following factors regarding the mattress before making the final purchase:

  • Durability- What is the warranty? Is the warranty pro-rated or full replacement? Is your warranty serviced locally and does it cover the cost of parts and labor?
  • Support- The firmness of the mattress is extremely important and your support needs depend on factors like body weight and sleep position.
  • Flexibility- The mattress you select should be adjustable bed friendly, meaning it is compatible with a moveable base, and can be maneuvered to bend to a certain degree without being damaged.
  • Thickness- Mattresses come in a variety of heights, or thicknesses. There is a justifiable range of height for a mattress best suited to go with an adjustable base due to its potential to bend while being lifted. 

A mattress anywhere from 10-14 inches thick will be an exceptional pairing with the moveable base. More recently, 13-inch mattresses have been named the ideal pairing with an adjustable bed frame to retain maximum flexibility and conformability to your shape.

Can any Mattress Work With an Adjustable Bed Frame?

The short answer is, yes, any mattress can work with an adjustable bed frame, but that doesn’t mean that they are all meant to or built to be. During your research phase about mattresses and adjustable beds, make sure you are considering brands and styles that are ‘adjustable friendly,’ or compatible with an adjustable base. 

You can physically place any mattress on an adjustable base, but continuously raising it up and down is a whole different story. The issue is that some older mattresses that are not compatible with adjustable beds will tend to want to stay fixed in the upright position. Mattresses that are not compatible with an adjustable base will likely not want to lay fully flat again after being lifted. Especially if the mattress is raised for a long period. Over time, using an incompatible mattress will destroy the overall infrastructure of the mattress itself, and will compromise its stability to deliver comfort, support, and pressure relief.

How Do I Know If My Current Mattress Is Compatible With an Adjustable Base? 


All Bed Tech mattresses are designed and built to be the perfect addition to the adjustable bed frame of your liking. Like the Bed Tech 6500 adjustable base, featuring highly developed technology like pillow-tilt function, and massage mode.

If you are unsure whether your current mattress will work with an adjustable bed frame, you can check out the mattress tags like the one that says ‘Do Not Remove.’ Generally found near the head of the mattress, this tag is also known as the law label, holding the information you need mostly for warranty purposes. But, the law label and other tags attached to the mattress can also help you discover the brand, or specific model name to research whether it is okay to pair with an adjustable base without damaging it. 

Is There a Need for a Special Type of Mattress With an Adjustable Bed Frame? 

As talked about before, any mattress can be physically placed on top of an adjustable bed frame. But whether or not that mattress withstands the lifting and lowering from the movement of the adjustable bed is a whole different story. Though most mattresses manufactured today are adjustable-friendly, some mattresses are not durable enough or built in a way to flexibly bend with the base. 

Mattresses that don’t work typically use a surrounding border wire as edge support, making the whole thing entirely inflexible. A mattress like this will eventually become damaged and uncomfortable after operating with an adjustable bed frame. 

With that being said, there are recommendations to consider if there is a special type of mattress needed to go with an adjustable base, or also which styles of mattresses have the potential to be more ideal in providing flexibility than others.

Types of Mattresses Well Designed for an Adjustable Bed Frame

From foam to springs to pillow tops, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to choosing the perfect mattress for your adjustable bed sleep system. Here are a couple of recommended technology styles that are exceptionally built to be lifted and lowered by an adjustable base bed.


Hybrid styles, like Bed Tech Copper Luxe, are most often considered adjustable base-friendly mattresses. They combine the traditional support of independently wrapped coils with comfort-inducing material like natural rubber, gel foam, or memory foam.

Memory Foam 

The Bed Tech Gel Max embodies everything that you need in an adjustable mattress, and well suited for couples who are looking to decrease sleep disruptions from tossing and turning. Memory foam, as well as split Queen or King sizes, will help to reduce movement transfer from the other sleeper changing positions. Memory foam mattresses are a perfect pairing for an adjustable base due to their ability to bend easily without excess wear and tear.

Elevate Your Bed for A Great Night's Sleep

Sleep helps naturally heal our bodies by releasing tension or pain while promoting healthy hormone distribution. A great night's sleep also clears our heads and boosts our moods to start another day. So, if you’ve already committed to catching up on some Z’s and getting better sleep with a new mattress and adjustable base, consider only the best of the best brands, like Bed Tech.

Since 2009, Bed Tech has redefined luxury sleep as we know it. Still today, striving to deliver expert advice to help you navigate towards your commitment to better sleep. Bed Tech designs and produces the best, most affordable luxury adjustable base and mattress technology available today. 

If you've been searching for a new routine to help you sleep better, we look forward to welcoming you to the Bed Tech family. At Bed Tech it is a pleasure to offer adjustable base-friendly sleep systems that deliver the most rewarding sleep experience at the best value possible.

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