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Are Adjustable Bases Really Worth It?

Today's adjustable bed base is a piece of furniture that serves as the structural base for your mattress to sit on top of, no box spring or anything additional is required. An adjustable base, also known as a power foundation, is a structurally sound piece of furniture that, if paired with a comfy mattress, allows you to relax, lounge, and fall asleep more easily. An adjustable base has features that can help encourage sleepers to tailor their precise comfort and reduce pressure and pain through ergonomic support. An adjustable base bed can also help to form wholesome bedtime routines that can promote better quality sleep.

What is an Adjustable Base? 

The idea of an adjustable base, also known as an adjustable bed frame, originated from ‘gatch beds’, more commonly known as a ‘hospital bed,'  The original adjustable type beds were used to assist healthcare workers caring for patients in hopes of improving comfort and reducing their recovery time. Today, an adjustable base fits perfectly inside the home as a modern piece of furniture, with features and benefits suitable for sleepers with or without medical issues. With the newfound eye-pleasing design, adjustable bases are designed to mimic a piece of furniture or bed frame, while also allowing you to address medical ailments, and customize your sleep position or lounge more comfortably.

An adjustable base is a sturdy foundation, built for people of all shapes and sizes. A piece of furniture, like an adjustable base undoubtedly adds versatility to help you de-stress before bed, and achieve mind and body relaxation before sleep. Depending on which size, an adjustable base is controlled by one or two, battery-powered wireless remotes. Plug your base into a regular outlet, and use less electricity than your cell phone to charge. An adjustable base uses motors that power the base to move by way of lifting your head or feet. Not to mention massage, and a whole lot more. Typically, adjustable bases will lift approximately 55-80 degrees at the top for your head, and about 30-45 degrees at the bottom for your feet.

A Bed Tech adjustable base is an incredible tool for healthy sleep and can help those with trouble sleeping form beneficial sleep habits, leading to improved bedtime routines and overall healthier sleep patterns. Not to mention the convenience of one-touch customization for your mattress, the adjustable base offers a plethora of benefits. And, because our bodies are full of curves and crevasses like the hips and shoulders, a flat position is rarely comfortable for most people while trying to sleep for an extended period. An adjustable base provides the freedom to lift your bed to a position that will help naturally support the curvature of the spine, add comfort, and help relieve tension and pain. 

Let your Bed Tech adjustable base be your guide to improved comfort through reduced body pressure, proper spinal alignment, optimal breathing, and personalized support.

Easily adjust the mattress with a touch of a button to a contoured, ergonomic position for your body type. Compared to a traditional flat foundation, or box spring, an adjustable base paired with a comfortable mattress, can certainly help you awake feeling like a better you! 

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Does Any Mattress Work with an Adjustable Base?

The days of the old school ‘medical style’ adjustable beds are some of the past. Today, most adjustable bases are built to suit a variety of mattress styles and are not necessarily limited to one specific mattress brand or type. Adjustable bases and mattresses can be mixed and matched, but it never hurts to have the brand-matching set if you love all the features. 

When shopping for an adjustable base sleep system you will want to ensure that the mattress is built to flex, bend, and maneuvered by the moving adjustable base. Like all Bed Tech mattresses, look for ‘adjustable base friendly’ or find more information in the Q&A section that will list whether a mattress happens to be, or not be, compatible with an adjustable base.

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Not only do adjustable bases provide a resilient and substantial foundation for your mattress, but they can also help address medical issues that can directly affect healthy sleep patterns. Having an adjustable base can certainly help reveal the potential to improve your sleep quality by reducing pain or tension or helping you breathe more easily. Bed Tech Adjustable bases are designed with thoughtfulness in mind to help you relax and sleep better by:

  • Promoting Increased Circulation- Elevate your feet to lift above the hips to assist in optimal blood flow and beneficial nutrient distribution for accelerated healing, pain and inflammation relief.
  • Reducing pressure with ZeroG Preset- An adjustable base position specifically designed to reduce pressure or tension by lifting your head and feet to a specific angle. Bed Tech adjustable bases help your mattress contour to the natural curvature of your spine to reach the ‘Zero-Gravity position’. Let your pain slowly melt away while ‘floating like an astronaut’ in the Bed Tech ZG position.
  • Decreasing Gastrointestinal Symptoms- Use the remote controls ‘head-up button’ to lift your torso and diaphragm out of the flat position to settle stomach acids. Help calm symptoms of G.E.R.D., heartburn, and acid reflux that may affect your ability to fall or stay asleep. 
  • Reducing symptoms of Chronic Breathing Disorders- By lifting your adjustable base you can sleep with a slight or moderate incline. Sleeping at an incline can help reverse the effects of gravity narrowing the airways from laying flat, and historically proven benefits to those with Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder(COPD), Asthma, or inflammation from Sinusitis or allergies. The adjustable base can help to assist in keeping the airways clear with less obstruction to the throat and trachea.
  • Reducing Stress with ‘massaging’ vibrations- According to the American Institute, stress and body tension are all too familiar to the 48% of people who experience stress that affects their ability to sleep. The ‘massage’ function on Bed Tech adjustable bases allows for customized vibrations to calm the mind and body. Pair with the Zero-G position for an ideal wind-down ritual perfect to prepare you for rejuvenating sleep.
  • Reducing snoring with Pillow Tilt- An additional hinge towards the top of the head of the base allows the base to tilt up in the one-and-only pillow portion of the mattress. Ideal for those who snore and would still like to sleep fairly flat, but need a little extra boost near the pillow to help open up the airway and reduce snoring.

Recreational Advantages of an Adjustable Base

  • Lounge Button Preset- One button touch will adjust you to a position for lounging, watching TV, or using the laptop computer or tablet. Pair with massage for the ultimate gaming or movie experience all in the comfort of your bed.

  • Under Bed Lighting- Illuminate your bedroom stomping grounds with Bed Tech 3000 Under-Bed LED lighting. Create the perfect bedtime routine ambiance with the Bed Tech night light.

  • USB Ports- Near the top of the adjustable bed base for easy access are 2 individual USB ports on each side to conveniently charge most any device. 

  • Zero Clearance Design- Crafted to work with your favorite piece of furniture headboard and footboard with your adjustable base. Allowing the adjustable base to be used with or without the standard legs, the base can be placed inside an existing furniture frame, or if the frame happens to have storage drawers, the adjustable base can be placed on top. Headboard-only brackets are also available for a minimalist design.

  • Bed Tech App- Lost the adjustable base remote? Not to worry, just grab your favorite device instead. The Bed Tech app can easily adjust your, or your partner's base right from your phone or tablet.

  • iControl- With just one click on the Bed Tech App you can take over your partner's remote. Use the app to control your partner's side of any Split or Split Head adjustable base sleep system. Utilize the features of the Bed Tech 6500 with the app to add extra lumbar support, and reduce partner snoring or other sleep disruptions like restless legs. 

Disadvantages of an Adjustable Base

With a superabundance of adjustable base benefits, there is no doubt adding an adjustable base to your mattress creates a whole new world. At Bed Tech we like to call it a sleep system, which can provide potential advantages to achieve quality sleep like you never knew before. 

But, some may contemplate, are there any downsides to owning an adjustable base? Bed Tech immediately realizes that there are significant pros and cons to consider when purchasing any product of today. In the case of the adjustable base, the pros outweigh the cons. But, the minor disadvantages of having an adjustable base include:

  • Cost- Due to the powered mechanics, some adjustable bases do end up becoming a bit expensive, but well worth the cost considering an adjustable base can last up to 20 years. Adjustable bases primarily become more expensive with the extra ‘bells and whistles’ you chose. For instance- Massage vibrations, lumbar support functions, and pillow tilt utilize extra parts and motors. In the end, the added complexity in the design of the base ultimately adds extra cost.
  • Weight- An adjustable base is undoubtedly a worthy investment that can help you achieve consistent quality sleep or reduce pain, but an obvious downside is they can weigh about 100 pounds, give or take.
  • Difficult to move- Not only are adjustable bases heavy, but they also need to be relocated strategically in order not to damage the base (or yourself) while attempting to move it from one location to another. Moving an adjustable base almost always requires a ‘team lift’ or two or more people to avoid damage or injury.  However, Bed Tech’s folded adjustable base design helps to ease the process of moving the adjustable base..  

Commit to Better Sleep with a Bed Tech Adjustable Base

It's time to invest in a system for your home that you may never have known existed. A Bed Tech sleep system is defined by a luxurious mattress and adjustable base to inspire exceptional comfort, revitalizing sleep, and optimal health. At Bed Tech, excellence is a non-negotiable commitment in which we strive to design and produce some of the best adjustable bases on the market today. 

Bed Tech believes everyone is worth a great night's sleep. Don’t hesitate to check out our state-of-the-art sleep systems with Bed Tech adjustable bases, always backed by the unwavering commitment to providing the best service to every customer.
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